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Fake Boyfriend Call

Fake Boyfriend Call

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You can make a customized call and set caller name and profile picture, phone number according to your wish.
You can select profile picture from phone gallery or take a new picture from phone camera.
Create your own calls with handsome boys .
Boast before of your friends with several lovely handsome boys line you !
Get out of awkward situations by giving yourself a fake call from your boyfriend 
A good practice is set this fake boyfriend call and throw you phone over the table in front of your friends or lover. Then you will start receiving calls. See your boyfriend or lover get gealous. 
Get out of boring meetings, uncomfortable conversations and awkward moments with this Fake Boyfriend Call! 
Fake Boy Friend Call is free application. there is no hidden charges.
If you Like Jokes then you can make your friend fool by Fake Call Boys and Boyfriends.
Alone in the dark and someone suspicious following you? Use Fake Call to pretend to talk to someone and feel safer!


You can set fake Boy friend name.
You can set fake Boy friend Photo, using phone gallery or take picture using camera.
You can set your boyfriend what you want to talk with you.
You can set your boyfriend number.
You can set your boy friend fake call schedule.
You can select your boyfriend photo directly from gallery or take picture from camera.
We provide 2 options while fake incoming call, 1. Ringing mode 2. Vibration mode.
You can choose delay time to receive fake Call.

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