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Pencil Sketch Effects

Pencil Sketch Effects

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Pencil sketch is an awesome app to turn your photo look like a pencil sketch.

By using this application you can turn your photos look like 
1. Black & white pencil sketch
2. Color pencil sketch
3. Negative photo.
It is nice and cool app. You can create pencil sketch photos without pencil and paper.
Are you interested to draw your photo on paper then download this app and convert your photo look like that.

How to Use:

1.Get image directly from gallery or take new photo from camera.
2.Apply sketch effect just by clicking on pencil button.
3.Save your sketched images in sdcard ("sdcard/PhotoSketch/").
4.You can see your sketched photos by clicking on my photos button.
5. you can set as wallpaper.
6. You can share photos on social network sites like facebook,twitter,etc...

This is completely free application.
So download it and feel like an artist.