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Computer Shortcut Keys

Computer Shortcut Keys

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All the necessary shortcuts for developers and users are accumulated in this one single app.
Computer Shortcut Keys is educational application provide different manyshortcuts tricks so that you can increase your work speed.
This Computer Shortcut keys application will be useful for college students , School Students and Office users. You can use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse.
This application is more useful to learn more Knowledge about using the software in keyboard
This app user interface is very simple.
Impress your friends with your intimate knowledge of Computer Shortcut Keys. Boost your productivity!
Keyboard Shortcuts replaced with Mouse.
Keyboard shortcuts makes it easier to interact with your machine and saving your time.
Make your computer work smarter, easier, faster.

Categories of Shortcut Keys….

- Basic Shortcut Keys
- Windows
- Basic Shortcut Keys for Mac OS
- NotePad++
- Tally
- MS Word
- MS Paint
- MS Excel
- MS Access
- MS Power Point
- MS Outlook
- Chrome
- Firefox
- Internet Explorer
- Adobe PhotoShop
- Photoshop MAC OS
- Adobe Illustrator
- Illustrator MAC OS
- Adobe Dreamweaver
- Adobe Flash
- Adobe Corel Draw
- Adobe Page Maker
- Chat Symbol