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Diamonds Knockdown

Diamonds Knockdown

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Do you want to play game with diamonds then download this diamonds knock down game.
The game is to knock down the diamonds using a slingshot and balls.
In diamonds knock down game multiple levels are designed.
In each level there is certain number of balls. 
If you fall down all the diamonds using these balls and slingshot that level will complete otherwise level will fail.
After completion of one level next level will automatically unlocked. 
Initially first 9 levels unlocked and remaining levels locked.
This game contain total 19 levels.
This is a level game.we design total 19 levels with interesting game play and user friendly interface.

Features - 
• 100 % free game
• 100 % addictive game
• Up to 19 amazing game play levels
• Nice graphics and friendly user interface

Are you like diamonds then download diamonds knock down and fall down all the diamonds using slingshot and balls.
All diamonds lovers will love this game.