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Lord Ayyappa Live Wallpaper

Lord Ayyappa Live Wallpaper

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This is a beautiful high quality animated live wallpaper of Lord Ayyappa. 
It features Lord Ayyappa with shower of animated flowers and blinking glitters.


We provide 15 different high quality ayyappa wallpapers.
We provide flower animation.
We provide glitters animation.
we provide bell sound by touch screen.
We provide auto change ayyappa wallpapers.
You can change time between wallpaper change.
You can ON/OFF bell sound , flower animation, glitter animation.

Lord Ayyappa is a popular Hindu deity worshiped mainly in South India 
Ayyaappa is believed to be born out of the union between Lord Shiva and the mythical enchantress Mohini , who is regarded as an avatar of Lord Vishnu. 
Therefore, Ayyappa is also known as 'Hariharan Puthiran' or 'Hariharputhra,' which literally means the son of both 'Hari' or Vishnu and 'Haran' or Shiva 
By the 20th century, there has been an increase in the number of worshipers of Ayyappan from many different groups, spurred by vast improvements in transport and communication in southern India
Ayyappan's annual festival is a time of pilgrimage for ever-growing numbers of men from throughout South India. The most prominent and famous Ayyappan shrine is the one at Sabarimala , in the hills of Pathanamthitta in Kerala, with over 30 million devotees visiting it every year , making it one of the largest pilgrimage sites in the world.